– Bringing life to Your Household –

Feel magic at every single drop of water

Gems and stones have been storing fortune since the beginning of life. These earth pieces are often tiny babies of mother earth carrying all the energy and life. She is strong enough to withstand the strike of a lightening. So becomes you.
Monolith is the best place for you to shower that earthly touch; Release your negativity and shower positivity and energy.
Let your body get that heavenly medication from earth and make your bath effective. Feel that little shiny spark in you which guides you to success after every bath.



MONOLITH is a Sri Lankan Manufacturer of all types of rock products. Our each and every product is different from each other. We always protect that uniqueness in every product. No one in the world will have the same.
From the lamp to bathtub we manufacture your needs. We have our own product range as well as we are ready to bring life to your dream design. Our products are 100% natural and healthy. Also animals are not hurt or violated during our manufacturing process.